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Hello and Welcome to I Just Want To Eat!

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I Just Want To Eat is a personal blog that me, Jean-Philippe, decided to create back in July 2011. The idea came naturally: I love food, talking about food and experienced different types of cuisine during the years I traveled around the world. I do not know if it is because of my French palate and the different food I have been exposed to, but trust me: I can eat any type of food. On this blog, you will find information about places where I eat, recipes and various information related to food.

How did I find the name of the blog:
My wife and I were watching The Next Food Network Star on the Food Network and one of the contestants was a food blogger. At that time, my blog was only couple of months old. At one point, my wife said: “Maybe one day you will be on this TV Show” and I simply said “No, I just want to eat”.

About Comments:
Comments are welcome, but to avoid advertising and profanity, each comment is reviewed before being posted.

The I Just Want To Eat logo has been designed by my lovely and talented wife, Jodi.

Most of the photographs are taken by me (© in the frame). I usually do not use a flash as it washes out the colors. I typically carry my camera all the time with me. I use a Canon S95 that is great to carry around and take photos in low light, as well as a Nikon D40x.

About me:
Originally from France, I am now living in the New York area. I love photography  and food and this area is awesome for both! I also like to cook, although I do not have that much time to do so.

Contact me:
Feel free to contact me! But restaurants PR, please know that I only post about places I went to. So, no need to send me advertising materials.
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